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Make Me Love You

Available June 29, 2021

This town might not be big enough for both of them…

Emma Andrews despises Eli Carter. The way he betrayed her trust and arrested her father was unforgiveable. But that was eight years ago. Now, with her dad about to be released, she will make Hart’s Ridge a real home for him—even if she must become mayor to do it. The only thing standing in her way? Her annoyingly sexy, best-friend-turned-enemy, Eli.


There’s nothing Eli loves more than his small town…except maybe Emma. He knows he’ll incur her wrath when he decides to run for mayor, but he’ll take anger over indifference any day. So, he’ll give her the fight of her life, and if he’s lucky, he’ll win a lot more than an election—he’ll win back the woman he’s loved since kindergarten.

The battle for Hart’s Ridge is about to heat up in a big way. When the dust settles, are Eli and Emma headed to happily ever after, or heartbreak? 

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